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The Food Shop

Monday is my food shopping day at the moment (I know, yawn). It’s one of the most pain inducing activities of my week. I suffer with pain in my back, hips and pelvis from carrying the twins. The pain is there all the time in varying degrees. Apparently it’s muscular and I just need to do the exercises the physio has given me.

I’m never alone on this expedition though. Fortunately, my Mam comes with me every week. We have been shopping buddies since I had Animal Lover, maybe even longer. Most people can do their food shop in an hour or two; we like to take half the day. Although we are quicker now I have the twins (how does that work?).

Today I anticipated it would be super stressful with Animal Lover and Dino Boy being off school for the week. They weren’t over the moon about it being our first activity of the week either. Thing One and Thing Two are never keen on going in the trolley but it is absolutely essential if I’m going to remember everything on my list. Usually they cry until we get inside the shop and then they see all the nice food and they’re fine. Failing that, we buy them each a small punnet of grapes; I’m not above bribery on shopping day.

I had a plan to ease the burden of shopping with all four! I got them involved in the task. Animal Lover and Dino Boy grabbed items off the shelf and Thing Two put them in the trolley. Thing One helped Nannie with her shopping. It was such a relief, I’d go as far as to say, I enjoyed it.

So, on the whole it was a success in the first shop. No whining, nagging or running off. .The second shop was a bit more of a challenge as we decided to let the twins walk around the shop. It’s like I have amnesia and forget the last time we did that and swore to never repeat it. By the third shop, they were back in the trolley. Although, I let them out towards the end, I know, I’m an idiot!

Following the shopping, I am sat on the sofa in agony with a wheat bag and two co-codamol. I hate that on days when my mind is willing, my body isn’t! It would be nice if they were both functional at the same time once in a while. To be honest though, I can handle physical pain much better than the mental stuff.

On a good note, the kids all bought activity packs from the last shop we went too, so a quiet afternoon is just what the doctor ordered. Good job I only shop once a week.

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