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Hello, I’m Ellice. Welcome to my blog.

You may be wondering why ‘A Slice of Reality’? Well, let me give you a bit of background; all my life, for as long as I can remember anyway, I have been concerned, often obsessed about how people view me. Since my early teens, I have suffered with anxiety and since having children I have really struggled with depression. A huge part of my mental illness has been my absolute need to control how other people view me and what they think of me.


Towards the end of 2014, at the age of 28, I hit absolute rock bottom and after battling with myself for many years, I finally got help. I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. Quite soon in the healing process, I decided that writing about my feelings and talking about my journey would help me. I have always loved writing and a blog just felt like the best course. Naturally, I worried about what my family and friends would think of me but I knew I couldn't hide behind the facade anymore.

I chose 'A Slice of Reality' because I was honestly fed up of seeing the shop windows of people's lives on social media. I wanted to share a realistic view of what it's like to live in this crazy old world sometimes. A Slice of Reality is all about my journey as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and survivor of depression and anxiety. It absolutely terrifies me at times, to be completely honest about my struggles; it makes me feel vulnerable and exposed. That said, I have come to realise that sharing my reality isn't just for me, it helps others too (I hope).

Now, a bit about me. I love being a mother, most of the time. I have four amazingly brilliant children who are all so different. Motherhood has been a bumpy ride with lots of opportunities for me to develop patience, especially during the four cycles of potty training. Since I became a mother in 2008, I have been on the most incredible journey, we've laughed, cried, played, worked, explored, prayed, lazed in bed, and eaten copious amounts of ice cream, cake, and chocolate.


Things I love doing: Well, as I said, I absolutely love writing; it's always been a passion of mine. I wouldn't say I'm publishable but I still enjoy putting pen to paper, or actually nowadays, finger to keyboard. My favourite medium is poetry. I love writing poetry because it conveys such emotion, not to mention it's usually shorter than prose and I will admit I have a very short attention span!

Music is a huge, huge, huge part of my life and has been since I could talk. I sing in the shower, in the car, around the house, at church, with my family, just anywhere really. I love singing so much. I have a pretty eclectic taste in music, my first love is 60s and 70s rock music, as inspired by my Dad, who introduced me to the likes of Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, and so many other amazing artists. However, I also love listening, singing, and dancing around the room to pop, rap, indie, punk rock, reggae, ska rock, heavy metal, songs from musicals and movies, classical music, and country music, not to mention a little bit of techno, r&b, and dance music. I'm a bit of a music whore really.


I love creating, mainly in the form of cake decorating, sewing (how very Martha Stewart of me), crocheting and hand lettering; all performed at a very mediocre level but I love it all the same. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest gathering ideas for projects and looking for tutorials, oh, and just scrolling aimlessly when I'm bored.

I am a self-confessed Netflix addict and regularly indulge in a series binge. I also love movies, my favourite genre being action/adventure; I love nothing more than an all-the-odds-are-stacked-against-the-good-guys plot. The more explosions and Armageddon like events, the better. I do also love sci-fi and fantasy, especially Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Harry Potter, and of course I absolutely love movie adaptations of musicals! 

To coin a familiar phrase, I leave the best until last. A massive part of my life has to be my religion. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You may know me as a Mormon. I honestly don’t know where I would be without this. It rescues me on a daily basis. I know my Saviour, Jesus Christ lives and that I have a loving Heavenly Father, who I can turn to whenever I need to or want to; he is always there waiting to hear from me. I know that Families are meant to be forever and can be.

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know me and enjoy sharing my slices of reality.




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