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The guy who puts up with all my nonsense and once in a while buys me flowers. He uplifts and strengthens me. He is a 100% self-confessed nerd who loves reading and watching sci-fi. He has just qualified as a computing teacher, so he is all about passing his nerdiness on to the next generation. I don't care how cheesy it sounds, Stephen is my best friend and soulmate.














We have been married for almost 11 years and I know it’s a cliché, but it’s definitely been a roller coaster for us. We’ve both graduated with bachelor degrees, had four babies, bought a house, Stephen unfairly dismissed from a job, took the company to court and won our case, awarded a lot of compensation (of which we received £0), worked together to help Stephen set up his company, then he trained as a teacher, which was another mini rollercoaster of its own. Not to mention we've battled with my anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, holidayed in the UK (mostly free holidays with my sister) and visited the USA (once), and I’ve baked a lot of cakes. It’s been a journey!











My not so little girl, who we will call ‘Animal Lover’, wants to be a vet or possibly an astronaut. She loves playing with little animal toys, crafting and reading. She is one strong willed lady who knows what she wants and has provided us with her fair share of temper tantrums, though she has mellowed out a lot recently. She puts 100% into everything she does. She is such a great big sister to her three brothers and is such a help to Mammy and Daddy. She is an absolute sponge, absorbing the world around her.










My cool dude, paleontologist in training. We will call him ‘Dino Boy’. This boy is a heart stealer who says the funniest things. He has an unlimited imagination that takes him on adventures I’ve never even dreamed of. He is very laid back and happy-go-lucky. Although, just like his sister, he knows what he wants and isn’t slow in showing it. He is a budding artist who draws such detailed drawings. He loves bath time and has to stay in until he’s wrinkled like a prune.




Animal Lover and Dino Boy are such close friends as well as siblings. They spend all the waking hours they aren’t in school, playing games together. They also love parenting the twins, which can be very useful!








Thing One and Thing Two (sorry I just couldn’t resist) are my double bundle of fun. They are absolutely into everything, especially things that are potentially dangerous. They are best friends and wrestling partners. I'm regularly asked the question, "which one is the naughty/wicked/mischievous one?", well, in short, just like my other two kids, they take it in turns to be equally adorable, kind, stubborn, naughty, and cute.










Thing One is a serious and quirky little six year old. He loves to be kind to those around him. He does ‘grumpy’ really well if he wants to. He is our only lefty, which I find very cute and fascinating. He loves to help out and share his amazing ideas with us all.















Thing Two is very vocal and giggly. He did somersaults throughout my entire pregnancy and his bubbly nature has continued ever since. He is our heart breaker, if he gets upset, he has the most heartbreaking cry with the most incredible build up. He is brave and adventurous but also loves sitting on my lap and cuddling. 


Thing One and Thing Two copy everything Animal Lover and Dino Boy do. They have been a big challenge and a huge blessing to our lives. These four little humans and that tall handsome man, are my life. They have made me and continue to make me who I am today. My familiars!



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