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Sore Ankles

Photo Credit: Lecates

For the last few days I’ve been trying to get rid of the little black dog that keeps snapping at my ankles. What’s really weird is that his size changes. Sometimes he is a huge breed of a dog who sits on my chest, suffocating me, making it hard for me to move or even breathe. Right now though, he’s a small, seemingly unthreatening dog who creeps up on me and grabs a hold of what little flesh his tiny mouth can hold.

I feel so exhausted from trying to prize his jaws open and throw him into the distance. I’m getting fresh air and studying and praying. It helps, but it’s exhausting! I don’t seem to have the energy to do other stuff but obviously I have to.

So here it is: tonight I’m not fighting, I’m giving in! I’m not being okay. I’m crying tears that have so much needed to be shed. I’m wallowing.

You win tonight little black dog. You win!

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