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Some Sundays

I’ll be honest, most Sundays we spend vegging out and eating. As soon as we’re home from church it’s lounging on the sofa watching kids’ movies and napping.

Some Sundays though… we get out of the house and blow away the cobwebs. Today was one of those days. It has been so cold but so sunny that we just had to. Added to that was the fact that Dino Boy actually was up for it too, he is always happy to stay in the house. Just goes to show how fed up they were of that activity!

He even wanted to ride his bike, which was a surprise since last time we took him out on it (and I may have tried to force him to ride ‘properly’, oops), he had not been interested in riding. We were much more relaxed about his riding this time and, big surprise, he enjoyed it so much more and was so cute.

Animal Lover’s motivation to go for the walk, was of the four legged kind. Since the age of around two, she has been completely obsessed with animals (hence her nickname), in particular dogs. Any opportunity to dog sit is gratefully received by her. So we got to look after my cousin’s chihuahua (thank you autocorrect for taking care of that word).

We walked around our local pond, stopping, what seemed like every five minutes, to look at sticks, rocks, and other people’s dogs. It was nice to take things slow. It made me realise how rushed things are all the time. Reminded me of my favourite poem:

” What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare. No time to stand beneath the boughs And stare as long as sheep or cows.”


I guess that’s part of the magic of Sundays, you don’t have to rush, you can take your time.

Their favourite spot on our adventure was this randomly placed pole, we stayed here until the twins were fed up of waiting. Note the light peach dress Animal Lover is wearing; great for muddy walks in the countryside!

What’s also great about the countryside is dog poo! Yep! Animal Lover stepped in the biggest pile of it I’ve ever seen; no photos included (your welcome). No walk with my kids is complete without me scrubbing a shoe against the ground to get the animal faeces off. Thank you to whoever was responsible for that!

We also got to play with ice as the pond was almost completely frozen. Daddy was more than happy to break it (that inner child coming out again) to show the kids. We were quite surprised at how thick it was, obviously not thick enough for skating on or walking on for that matter.

It amazes me that even in what seems like the bleakest season, the world is breathtakingly beautiful. The pattern all across the pond was like an artistic masterpiece. I couldn’t help but see the hand of God in it.

Thing One and Thing Two were particularly taken by the ice, we narrowly escaped Thing One jumping in! I know, irresponsible parents! We had it covered!

Meanwhile, my little comedian, Dino Boy, is always looking for props. Today’s find was a feather that he thought would make a great beard. What do you think?

We all started to feel the cold so off we went back up the hill towards home (I hate that the only way back is up a hill). On our way we popped into my Grandfather’s house for a visit (and some toffees). He really is one of my favourite people to spend time with. He is besotted (in his own way) with the kids. Thing One and Thing Two are so funny with him, they play hard to get and wrestle with him but then when it’s time to go it’s all cuddles and kisses.

Well I love that some Sundays are like this. It gives me hope. It reminds me that there are few medicines more effective than fresh air and family. Of course lots of fresh air does mean this…

and this…

but it also means this…

Wow, that kind of looks like I’m happy that the twins are overtired but no, the last photo was taken before the twins got overtired! Phew, glad I cleared that up.

Until next time folks!

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